Roger Goetze
My name is Roger Goetze and I am 15 years old. I
currently attend WVC (Witchford Village College)
where I am in year 11 so I have one more year before
I leave. My ultimate ambition is to become a pilot and
I am already training to get my PPL (private pilot's
licence) at the
Mid Anglia School Of Flying where I
currently have just over 20 hours of flying time. My
other hobbies include playing the keyboard, guitar
which is taught by
Dave Webster, making movies
and playing tennis and badminton.
God Bless I-Merica
This is a picture of Katie (who also flies) and myself
in front of G-BFWB - a PA-28 Piper Warrior
(click for a larger image)

For more photos, click HERE
Its a new school year and I have the time to finally
update my site which I haven't done for a while!! Well
I'm finally in year 11 (wearing a red jumper) and can't
wait to go to 6th Form which is where my sister is
now - she has just started Hills Road.

Well a lot has happened since I last updated my site,
namely London has received the 2012 Olympics (I'll
be 22 by then!!) and of course the fantastic win of the
cricket by England regaining the ashes where they
rightfully belong! We've also got the 2006 football
world cup next year in Germany to look forward
to...hmmm...Englnad don't seem to have got off to a
very good start...come on Sven!

Anyway other things have happened as well, for
instance Katie has recently started University up in
Scotland where she is also continuing her flying
towards her PPL so good luck to her!

JRJ productions haven't made any more movies for
a while to follow on from the Respirator or the
infamous Amarillo remake although there are a few
in the pipeline so keep checking the site, I'll keep
you updated.

Well I'll leave the rest up to you to explore my website
and we at JRJ productions hope you enjoy the
movies and please sign the guest book and leave
your comments which are very much appreciated
and if you like what you see then don't forget to tell
your friends.

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