Just recently, we have found out a lot of things that we didn't
previously know about my Grandad and his father (my great
grandad). We also uncovered some old photos of the plane
that he helped build and fly.

The above picture shows my Grandad (R. Goetze aged 8
years old) listening to some of the first transmissions of 2LO
radio station seated on a houseboat boat on the Thames at
Hampton Court in 1923.
The BBC was founded as the British Broadcasting
Company in 1922 by a consortium including Marconi, GEC,
British Thomson Houston, Metropolitan Vickers, Western
Electric and the Radio Communication Company. The initial
remit of the company was to establish a nationwide network
of radio transmitters to provide a national broadcasting
service. On November 14, 1922, the first BBC station 2LO
began broadcasting on medium wave, from the roof of
Selfridges department store in Oxford Street, London. This
picture was also used in one of the major newspapers as
part of an advertising campaign aiming to advertise this very
new technology.  

Great Grandad (B.Goetze ) seated on a 'Fritz Monoplane'
which he
designed, constructed and flew - the picture is
taken at 'Cricklewood Aerodrome' in 1910/11.

The 'Fritz Monoplane' at Cricklewood Aerodrome  1910/11
showing it's 40HP ENV French engine.

The 'Fritz Monoplane' set of plans as shown in the 'Flight'
magazine 1910/11.

Here's another 'Fritz Monoplane' picture showing the
Handley Page factory in the background. It was based in
Cricklewood London (where my Great Grandad used to live)
- to be honest, there is very little to say about the location
except that it was the home of the first 'limited' company
formed in the UK to produce aeroplanes - namely Handley

I have also included the magazine article featuring a couple
of pictures of the 'punt' which my Great Grand Father had
moored on the Thames at Richmond.  You will also see from
'The Motor Boat' magazine article, dated May 1925 , that the
punt (named Dagny) had two special outboard engines
constructed and installed by my Great Grandfather which
gave it a speed of  9 m.p.h.

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