Matt Oldham arriving to pick up Nicole
Going to pick up the rest of the boys in
the limousine!
Nicole and Matt on the 'red carpet' - very
movie 'starsish'
Nicole and Matt yet again...Nicole in hysterics
over something on the right!
See above comment for picture on the left
and on the right is Laura  and Will

Prom Photos The Class of 2000-2005
Well it's one of those occasions where you just have to take
pictures especially since it's your sister's prom (12th May). Well it's
my turn next year and from then on to sixth form and out in to the
big wide world to pursue a career of some description. Anyway by
all accounts, my sister had a good time arriving in a white
limousine and not coming back from the after party until 5 o'clock
this morning! All the year elevens arrived in style whether it be in a
limousine, vintage car, tractor or by hearse yes...a hearse and the
inside was decorated with the traditional balloons and ribbons e.t.c
but also with new additions such as ice sculptures!

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