Thank you for all your comments which I will publish on my
site and remember to keep returning as I frequently update
it...more videos on the way!
Date sent: 1/11/05 18:09
Name:  Trev
Comments: Great site. i know what you do in your spare
time. masf rocks. wooooooooooooo!
Date sent: 9/10/05 17:41
Name:  Nicola Bell
Comments: love the site
i have everyone hooked on playing mini golf
bye then
Date sent: 20/05/05 17:13
Name:  Beaver (Hannah)
Comments: hey Roge lovin the site and also the pic of u!
not as good as our cha cha slide music vid!!!  hpw come
the respirator isnt on here?! Beaver
Date sent: 20/05/05 18:49
Name:  Corinne
Comments: I no u propbs dnt no me but i loved both the
amarillo vid and the respirator, i thinks that wot its called.
U got nemore?? Cyaz xxxxxx
Date sent: 20/05/05 18:54
Name: Meg and Corinne
Comments: fab!great film,next time with a wide
screen,maybe evn at da movies!!
Date sent: 18/05/05 18:40
Name:  Corinne
Comments: Just like to say that the amarillo video is
quality!! Carry on the brilliance!!
Date sent: 15/05/05 21:23
Name:  Alex C.
Comments: Very Gud!
Date sent: 14/05/05 14:27
Name:  Marie
Comments: V. good well dun roger! Keep putin more of
those gr8 vids an photos on!
Date sent: 13/05/05 20:03
Name:  Mrs Zielinski-Smith
Comments: I love it! I think that you have all done a
fantastic job and I have sent the link worldwide!!  
Comment from a Film Studies
just-about-to-graduate-student .... excellent!!
Well done and has anyone given you any housepoints - if
not - see us all (definitely me)!! KZS
Date sent: 10/05/05 21:23
Name:  Mrs Gynn
Comments: Excellent video really funny well done
Date sent: 12/05/05 15:32
Name: Emma Sibthorp
Comments: Nice music video
Date sent: 12/05/05 20:22
Name: Natalie
Comments: I thought this was really good and funny
Date sent: 12/05/05 15:55
Name: Ruth
Comments: Well done Roger this is a very good website.
The films are great! p.s you look so sweet in the photo!
Date sent: 12/05/05 13:56
Name:  Mr Phillips
Comments: Quality video, Claire Taylor is a fan!
Date sent: 11/05/05 19:31
Name:  James
Comments: The meaning of life is the 3 L's roger, the 3
Date sent: 11/05/05 17:41
Name: Becky Tabener  
*clapclapclap* well dun roger, v.good!!! u
shud put more picis on tho, even if u do look v.sweet wen u
wer littl lol! u puttin anymore of ya films on???
so yea, v.good
Date sent: 11/05/05 17:01
Name:  Becky Thorby
Comments: very good!! i love that amirillo video!
Date sent: 11/05/05 15:32
Name:  Tom
Comments: very very gd well organized indeed
jolly gd
Date sent: 10/05/05 22:08
Name:  Anna
Comments: Love the amarillo video, made me
laugh!!!also love the letters which move with the mouse!
little things amuse little minds you see!!
Date sent: 10/05/05 21:23
Name:  Matt
Comments: Like da site but u forgot to say ur best m8 is
da one n only matt and i tried da amarillo high quality but it
wudnt load up so get da low quality one done a.s.ap..
cheers matt
Date sent: 10/05/05 12:49
Name:  CJ
Comments: i see u hav stolen mini golf game from my
site. but thats ok, it is a good game. nice site, i'll put alink
2 it on mine.
Date sent: 09/05/05 18:50
Name:  Tamsin
Comments: hello hunni i love the vid its gr8!!! anyways
hope your all well luv tammy!!!! c u 2morro hehehe

Your Comments
Date sent: 9/10/05 17:49
Name:  Jake (The Respirator)
Comments: Hey rog its the respirator! (Jake) i love the
movie we made. Fun to make and enjoying to watch  u
can c me if you look hard in the window  c ya m8!