Are you a young business looking for cheap effective
advertising? Look no further as this is the new
advertising craze set to revolutionise e-buying and
selling. This new venture has been set up by a young
enterprising teenager who is entrepreneurial material
for the future. Although the site is in its infancy,
already large electrical retailers selling on the internet
have expressed interest in this latest way of
advertising. This new way of advertising can work in
two ways. For instance you could just want to
increase traffic on you own personal site (which
works extremely well) or more commonly, advertise
your product to sell. Either way this type of
advertising will show positive results*.

What you get:
The way that this site works is very simple. It is divided in to
thousands of blocks (or pixels) which you can buy in groups of
100 (a 10 by 10 grid) for a small charge of £1 per year. There
is no limit as to how many you can buy although this is subject
to availability.

What next?:
After buying your advertising space  paying either via cheque
(see site for more info) or by Pay Pal for credit cards, it is time
to get creative. Your next step is to design a logo to put on as
a link. This logo needs to be exactly the size of the space you
paid for. You can achieve this by creating your logo in a
design program and specifying the size in pixels according to
your needs. Once you have doe this, all that is left to be done
is to send it to along with a brief
description of your site which will appear upon a mouse over.
You will also have the choice of stating where you would like
your logo to be placed. This is explained in more detail on the
site although basically, you state how many blocks from the
top and side you would like it to be. Once this is done, please
allow 72 hours for the link to be published on the site.

Once this is done, all you have you do is sit back any reek the
rewards of internet advertising. So go on, "Mark your place on
the internet, buy a block".

The web address once again if you have missed it, is:

*positive results are not guaranteed. For terms and conditions see